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英语作文带翻译 初中版关于我爱阅读

I have many hobbies, but reading is my favorite. When I find an interesting book, I can sit and read it for several hours. Books show me a new world. I can learn a lot from books. I always think that reading a good book is like talking with a wise friend.

俗话说得好:“风月为益友,诗书是良师,”是啊,博览群书能使人智增百倍,生活中如果缺少了书,就变得枯燥乏味.因此,读书是必不可少的. 受爸爸妈妈的影响,我从小就爱沂书.记得5岁以前,我还不识字,就听妈妈讲书上的故事,我

我最爱的一本书 哈姆雷特这本书大家都很熟悉,我也是这众多粉丝之一.它是我最喜爱的一本是.你也读过这本书的,对吗?如果你读过了,我就是你的一个新朋友啦.当然,如果你没读过,我会给你讲述下它的情节.之后我保证你会喜欢这本书并像我一样成为它的粉丝之一.书的作者的威廉姆莎士比亚.这是你知道的,对吧.他是英国人,是最有名的作家之一.这本书的最主要的主人公,就是哈姆雷特.现在,让我带你一起领略这本书的魅力吧.

I like ReadingMy father likes to tell me a story before I sleep,so I like to read story book.My parents buy me a lot of books,I read them everyday,I always finish reading a book in a week.I like adventure story very much,I imagine I am the guy who is so great.Books gives me happiness,I like reading.

Everyone has their own dreams, I am the same. But my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not actors, not even an industry. Perhaps my dream big people will find it ridiculous, but this has been my pursuit! My dream is to want to have a folk life! I

Our life will change greatly in the future.In the future, every family will own at least one computer, with which we can shop online without going out. That is really fantastic. Also, robots will be employed by every family. They can help do much of the

我爱春天的英语作文范文 I Love Spring Spring comes.I love spring best,because it's very beautiful.In spring,the weather is aways sunny and rainy,it's not cold and not hot,it's warmer and warmer.The flowers begin to open and the trees begin to turn


i think its important for us to learn English.Now let me give you some advices to learn English.first,i think you should 在课堂上认真做笔记.second,i think you should 在课堂上认真听课.third,i think you 不可以怕犯错误.finally,i think you should 多

我每天早上6:40出门,步行到学校,早上新鲜的空气让我感觉精力充沛.7:00开始上课.我学习英语 语文 数学 生物 历史 政治 地理 我有喜欢的学科,也有不喜欢的学科,我最喜欢英语 因为它即有趣又好学,在未来的学习工作中,作用也很大.



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