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1.Amy did best in the English test.She (B ) hard last weekA.must have working B.should heve worked C.should work D.must work这里should have done表示由之上事实推测,A选项语法错误.2.The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but

D 22th改成22nd 1.15(fifteen) years old. 2.30th(thireth) 3.19(nineteen) 4.90th(ninty) 另外这是基数词变序数词的方法 一、二、三,单独记;八去t,九除e, ve要用f替,整十基数变序数,先把ty变成tie;要是遇到两位数,十位基数个位序,th最后加

B 伴随状语 导致怎样怎样 直接填caused就可以B 由后半句子可以知道 他们几乎是一样的 所以应该是任何一个 any either 用于否定句、B 这是宾语前置的句子 work for 致力于某事

1.Athe docter and writer 指这个人既是作家也是医生the docter and the writer 指一个医生一个作家2.Bthere be 的将来时就是there will be 和there is going to be这个是不变的3.Bhome是地点副词,前面不用加介词on

1. How much 2.What time 3. can't, or 4. Does, any 5. What's, time 6. in red 7. a little 8. get to 9. help, with 10. listen to 1115. BEGCA 1628 DDBBB CBDAD CCC

1.remember to.to mebring sb sth 和bring sth to sb 双宾语动词的转换.2.the performance last weekIt's very successful3.without thinking4.way fromto5.large enough词形转换应该填watches 应该用一般现在时.动词的第三人称单数.

1.something2.their , (不知要填什么)3.alone(或by yourself) , her4.nothing ,it5.前一个6.won`t , 有shan`t前四题填法不唯一,因为你没给清楚.

it was really helpful (for 对某人来说) him to take the cat to the animal centre(at 表示具体时间)a rainy nightthere are some cakes on the plate .you can take (one 只表示数量,不特指具体某一个,而是任何


BBDCB.首先1感官动词后接动词原形,2 it作形式主语,3 是形容词放在福词之前.4 should 后接动词原形,翻译上成立,5 介词后接动词ing.谢谢采纳


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