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英语试题 很简单的 求救!

1.B. lead adj. 领头的, 领先的 2.B. leading主要的3.A. dropped out 离开,退出; 4.D.devote (devote time to 把时间投入到) 5.B. invole…in 卷入6.D. plays an…..role起

6. in ancient China 7. The umbrella changed much in style in the 18th century. 8. a symbol of honour and power 9.in the 18th century 10.the history and use of the umbrella


As soon as he saw me,he stopped to speak to me It was raining hard when I got to the factory this morningIf it does not rain tomorrow,we will visit the People's MuseumJohn was writing something when I

1,Why was he so angry just now?2.The boy came to live in the city about a years ago.3.He is taller than other brothers.4.He continued on with his lessons until noon.

一年级综合练习卷(包括:数学,语文,英语) 一、填空.(56分) 1.一只鸭2条腿,8只鸭( )条腿. 2.小红前面5人,后面7人,一共有( )人. 3.□比○多2个,□□□□□□,○有( )个. 4.有4个小朋友相见,每2人握一次手,共握( )次手. 5.一根

With the globalization of economic and culture, people from all over the world in order to improve each communication amongs countres, it is very essential leaning a second language. English as one of world wide utilzed languages, spoken by most

1,aren't they2,don't they3,haven't I4,wasn't she5,hasn't he6,does she7,doesn't she8,shall we9,aren'tI10,could he11,with12,in13,on14,to15,with16,about17,about18,of19,for20,about

b 至少 b忍受 d让.处于.状态 b习惯 c年月日前用in,日子前用ona,it作主语一般用take d,徒然 c,share sth with sb.c,服从 b,speak in


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