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built→building goals→goal caring→care part后加in included→including student→students honestly→honest saving→save 去掉against spares→spare

seeing改成see 去掉a off改成on are改成were me改成her women改成woman exciting改成excited 去掉the in front of for改成to happily改成happy

My soccer coach retired in(去掉in) last week. I wanted to do anything(改something) special for him at his retirement party. My mum makes the better(改best) biscuits in the world, so I decide to ask her for help. Mum taught me s...

1, a fine day 2, sent 3, and believe 4, but give 5, came up 6, minutes 7, your leg was hurt 8, scoring most 9, that ( who) tries 10, impressed

He then traveled widely around Europe改成Then he traveled visiting Paris改成visited Paris

第二行 第一个have后面加not; would 改成should 第三行 measure 改成measures 第四行 environment 改成 environmentally 第五行 on our foot 改成 on foot 第六行 save改成saving 第七行 healthy 改成 unhealthy; polluting 改成polluted 第八...

most favorite → favorite camped → camp which → where to cook → cooking wonderfully → wonderful smelling→ smell blow → blowing such → so many → much best → the best 望采纳。

保证准确率! 第一行 to 和 end 中间加入 an 第三行 problem 改成 problems 第五行 去掉 was peacefully 改成 peaceful 第六行 you 改成 me make 改成 making 第七行 catch 改成 caught 第八行 that 改成 which 最后一行 go 和 the 中间加入 to ...

One afternoon my father and I go fishing on a riverside . “go改成went” We found the water was very dirty that we could not see bottom. “去掉was” We saw some rubbish or deed fish floating on the water so well . “deed改成dead,so...

1.At no time will China be a superpower 2.If pollution has been stopped in the world,people would live a better life. 3.He is the very man that is wanted by the police


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