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built→building goals→goal caring→care part后加in included→including student→students honestly→honest saving→save 去掉against spares→spare

第一行:or caring改成and caring 第二行:changes改成changed 第三行:helplessly改成helpless。 to repair去掉to,help后接动词原形。其他网友没有看到这条 第四行:members去掉s 第五行:he could hire改成she could hire 第六行:doing for ...

Dear Jin Jing. Your problem is (加上a) common one among middle school students.Maybe the following advices(改为advice) can help you. First in (改为of)all,believe in yourself . Your greatest problem is that you lack self---confi...

outh means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for

1,depends 2, one another 3, based on 4, who strongly support 5, better health 6, those without such ties 7, Studies on types 8, show that 9, defend themselves 10, the absence of such

1、fine day ——a fine day;(缺少不定冠词) 2、send——sent(与前面的was一起构成被动语态,所以要用过去分词) 3、but believed——and believed(因为动词excited和believed之间是并列关系) 4、comes up to me——came up to me9前后时态一致,...

1.D embarrassing(形容事物,令人难堪的)-embarrassed (形容人,感到难堪的) 2.D walk on it --walk on 加it 画蛇添足 3.C travelling-to travel 与前面的to fly形式一致。

1.grow--growing 2. that--where went to the school--went to school 3.course--courses 4.early---earlier will---would so--too 5.when---that 6.total--totally 7.fish--fish in

供参考 删去括弧内字 ************************ I like watching birds. I chose (choose) this hobby (bobby) years (yesrs) ago because I like birds and enjoy being close to the nature。 改后的时态控制也不好,但还是可以接受 Bird watc...

He then traveled widely around Europe改成Then he traveled visiting Paris改成visited Paris


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