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built→building goals→goal caring→care part后加in included→including student→students honestly→honest saving→save 去掉against spares→spare

1.grow--growing 2. that--where went to the school--went to school 3.course--courses 4.early---earlier will---would so--too 5.when---that 6.total--totally 7.fish--fish in

seeing改成see 去掉a off改成on are改成were me改成her women改成woman exciting改成excited 去掉the in front of for改成to happily改成happy

My soccer coach retired in(去掉in) last week. I wanted to do anything(改something) special for him at his retirement party. My mum makes the better(改best) biscuits in the world, so I decide to ask her for help. Mum taught me s...

1, a fine day 2, sent 3, and believe 4, but give 5, came up 6, minutes 7, your leg was hurt 8, scoring most 9, that ( who) tries 10, impressed

已经在图片中标记,你可以对比看一下,有个地方应该是ineffective,去掉less,更说得通一些 主要需要注意,常用单词,常用动词句型,时态语态和 人称关系

As we all know, life is very beautiful and precious; therefore we should admire and value it. We should make life rich and meaninful by working hard. Only in that way, we can carry out our duty in life. Furthurmore, we should b...

29. friend--friends but--and, 去掉of, excitedly--excited such--so, do--doing he--it have--had, guided--guiding either--too 数字表示所在行

1,depends 2, one another 3, based on 4, who strongly support 5, better health 6, those without such ties 7, Studies on types 8, show that 9, defend themselves 10, the absence of such

which bought present for him. --where I can buy presents for him. train-- sat on the train--when I was sittint on the subway next--the second got in--got into and then offered my seat to hers.--and then I offered my seat to her...


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