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英语翻译参考答案: 一.填空题 1. To our surprise 2. it's necessary, to concentrate more on 3. Did you use to spend, doing 4. Seems to be more interested 5. have five days off 6.

29 - 2020全国硕士研究生初试英语已经结束.大家的考研英语怎么样?这里,文都网校考研小编为大家提供了2020考研英语二真题及解析完整版,供大家对比.以上就是2020考研英语二真题及解析完整版,更多2020考研英语真题及答案关注文都网校考

1:the book (bible) due to it's need, it will need to be returned to the library before this weekend.2: before next week, this old arm chair will be replaced by a couch (写sofa 也可以)3: don't worry, you've got enough time to send the fax to your

英语四级翻译练习(习题+答案解析) 1. ( 不 the works of 论 演 奏 Beethoven always into 过 attract state 多 large of 少 回 audiences. ) , 一样的视力). 13. His remarks you left me

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关于他的旅行我不清楚只知道他要离开三个月{except that} I know nothing about his trip except that he will leave for three months. 为了个人理由他拒绝参加那个晚会{of one's own} He rejected to attend that party of his own reason. 鸟妈妈用树枝搭


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