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英语翻译 "我们不需要担心任何文件了,期待圣诞节的到来吧"谢谢大家!!

"我们不需要担心任何文件了,期待圣诞节的到来吧"We don't need to worry about any documents now, expecting the Christmas Day to come.We don't need to worry about any files now, looking forward to he Christmas Day.

我们都在盼望着圣诞节的到来1.Our arrival all in being hoping for Christmas Day2.We are all looking forward to the arrival of Christmas3.We are hoping Christmas day's arrival

百度知道 > 教育/科学 > 学习帮助添加到搜藏已解决提问者: azj94sd - 武卒 三级 最佳答案光辉岁月六十年六十周年,我们伟大的祖国在风风前,农村给人的印望,您永远朝气蓬勃!

I look forward to Christmas look forward就是期待的意思.

I am looking forward to the Christmas Day.

I hope we can spend Christmas together.I hope we can be together for Christmas.这两种都是正确的表达

Look forward to Christmas

Merry Christmas It was one of the last days before Christmas, and the as sistants in the large store had their hands full serving eager Christmas shoppers. At one counter an old lady was choosing gloves red ones for her daugher in law, light blue

Wishing you a song in your heart at Christmas and blessings all year long. 圣诞之际,祝你心中有首快乐的歌,新年快乐! Merry Christmas and happy New Year! 圣诞快乐,恭贺新禧! Wishing you peace, joy and happiness through Christmas

期待圣诞节翻译成英语:Looking forward to Christma . 据说耶稣是因着圣灵成孕,由圣母玛利亚所生的.神更派遣使者加伯列在梦中晓谕约瑟,叫他不要因为马利亚未婚怀孕而不要她,反而要与她成亲,把那孩子起名为“耶稣”,意思是要他



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