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A: Hello, B. It has been two months since we started our colledge life. What do you think of it?B: Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not getting used to it.A: What's the problem? Is your major very difficult?B: Yes, I think my major is more difficult than I have

A; Are you enjoying your time at university?B: It's okay, but not as much as I expected.A: Really? Why not?B: I thought that the subjects would be easy, and I would have lots of time to play, but actually I have many assignments.A: What type of

place: air's villa.地点: 空气的别墅.time: on the mid ?c autumn festival.时间: 中秋节 people: air and rich 人物: air 和rich rich is from american. he is an exchange student. now he is studying at beijing university. he majored in culture of china. his


Okay? A. Yes, what time is your next class! I'?A.B?B;ll go and check that out?B, I': Really, we can check out the notices for tutors: It'.B;s okay. I': Hey, our captian is very pretty?B. So, do you want me to go with you the library;t seen you. Where would I

life in the university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected. first of all, we are tightly hound by continual classes, excessive homework and exams; some students complain that we are becoming "exam machines". secondly, the teaching

My campus activities are rich and colorful.Learning English has become a habit to me cause I plan to study abroad in next few years.Playing Guzheng is my favorite activity.I have kept on practising it since I was a little girl and I wish to win more

Life in the University Situation:In dormitory, A is playing computer game,B is reading,C is singing.A:Hi,guys,now our college life is passing almost two years,and let us talk something special about it.B: Oh,man,why are you suddenly interested in

求一段英语对话,内容是关于大学生活的,两分钟以内,谢谢 seek a segment of english dialogue, the content is about university life, within two minutes, thank you

a: i'm so upset now..b:why? Anything bad happened?a:no,..it's justcollege life is not like what i've pitcured. i con't get used to it. it was so much better in highschool. besides,

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