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英语电话留言录音翻译拜托了各位 谢谢

Welcome to call Shenma Car Rental Limited Company, rigorous, Care, Fast! Your call is being transferred. please wait a moment.

你好,我可以帮你看下,发到qq邮箱 11634907 发好记得提醒我下 --手工劳动,满意请采纳,谢谢--

rank:This is Frank speaking. May I ask who is calling? Jane:This is Jane. I would like to speak with Mr. Wang, please. Frank:I'm sorry, he's not here at the moment. He's gone to the International Business Center. Jane:When do you expect

如果你帮别人留就是take a message/如果对方自己留就是leave a message.

written expression if you are li hua 书面表达 假如你是李华 description: you live in the city to be held in august this year a foreign nationals games, is now recruiting volunteers please according to the following tips in english to write an e-mail to the

以自我介绍开始电话交谈:“Hello,this is Peter Jones. 如果你在接电话的时候对方没有表明他是谁,你可以说:“May I ask who's calling,please?” Asking for someone / Making a request 如果你打电话给特定的某个人的话,那么你得用礼貌的问

John Brown: APP's MR.PeterMargin called in to say that he is going to Europe next week, soHave no time to meet you at next Monday.He hopes this Friday at 9: 30 to see you, to discuss cooperation between the two sides,if you have the time? Time to call in December 13th 10 : 30 your's linda

留言电话英文:Message callIn short, VCRs were sort of like an old - time TiVo. 简单的说, 录像机就是类似老式留言电话的一种东西.He bought an answering machine that plays back his messages when he calls. 他买了一台能在别人打来电话占线时播放他录音留言的电话答录机.

FORJACKTOJACK这两个短语都是正确的.所不同的是,前者表示原因或目的,既“为…留的言”;而后者表示方向,既“给…的留言”. ,ThisisTom.I'mphoningtotellyouthatwe'llhaveameetingthisafternoon.It'stobeheldattwoo'clockandwilllastabouttwohours.Pleasegetreadyyourpapersforthelatestprojectandbepresentontime.Thankyoualot.Bye!

HI,xxx,this is xxx. i lave a very important thing to talk with you, please call me back as soon as possible. bye.

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