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I don't need such a perfect love, I just need someone who will never give up on me 加个冠词 a 就更好了,其他的地方都很好。

今年在长沙举行了一年一度的外国人汉语演讲比赛。 In Changsha this year, the annual Chinese speech contest for foreigners. 这项比赛证明是促进中国和世界其他地区文化交流的好方法。 This game proved to be a good way to promote cultura...

你翻译的带着中式英语的弊端,多看看英语文章,多读,多写,多查,多记。 好忧伤的程度 好 没表达出来,用SO,还有sad一般用来形容人,表示伤心难过,用词不准。 天气在英语中一般用 It 代替,你这样写也不s算错,但要用比较级warmer. 小 litter...

The demestic cartoon industry does't need to rise up ,on the contrary, it is the King and he has come back.

没有问题,主将从现,时态对,how 引导的宾语从句也对

①Love can not be forgotten ②Love but not,Inability to forget

没错,看楼上 翻译:请您一定原谅我所犯的错误,请原谅我的无心快语,对不起,我没有想冒犯你,我很抱歉给你带来了如此大的麻烦,请原谅我的无礼。

我最喜欢的动物 If you ask me what my favorite animal is. I can tell you pandas are my favorite.如果你问我,我最喜欢的动物是什么,我会告诉你是熊猫。I can tell you that pandas are my favorite.从句 I like the pandas not only becau...

I have had 2 years sales experience, hoped may be competent this work.

As time goes by, in her fives years birthday ,her birthday wish was “i want to growup quickly and my mom will beautifu forever”


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