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My dream It is a truth universally known, that everyone must have his or her own dream. Of course I am not an exception and I have held my dream for two decades. I want to be a ballet dancer because my cousin is a great dancer. Every time when I

我的梦想(旅游) My Dream(travel) When I was alittle child, I had many dreams. I wanted to be rich, so that I can live in abig and beautiful house. I can go everywhere by car. But now, my dream seems tobe better and more realistic. I hope I can have

My Dream I have a dream to be a teacher.If i have become a teacher, i will play games with my students instead of giving out piles of homeworks. With that, students can learn something through the games without pressure and fear of study.I will also

我有一个梦想,深深扎根于我的心中.那就是长大后,我要成为一个艺术家.尽管我没有过人的才智,没有严密的思维,也没有特别准确的判断力,但是我仍不会放弃努力.尽管这个 梦想距我很遥远,但我仍不会停止追求.尽管在实现梦想的过程中,

my dream is to be basketball player . I will enter national team .I'll fight for my country .I'll be the captain of the team .I'll lead the to the top of basketball match .

你好:My dream1.I have a dream that I want to be a successful businessman .Because I think this job have much hope and challenge,also ,it can bring much money.I love exciting things.And I want to have an own company.And if all the world could

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我的梦想 我是一个平凡的人,我有一个平凡的梦想:做一名医生. 因为医生可以让那些身受病痛折磨的人摆脱痛苦.可以让人变得健康. 同时,我认为,帮助了别人,自己也将会得到快乐.所以,我希望未来我可以做一个医生. My dream I

my dream is to be a star 我的梦想是成为一个明星 i felt very excited when i saw the pop stars on tv. they sang and danced,and many fans of them screamed. they were successful,so i wanted to be as successful as them. i know it is very important to

my dream-我的梦想my dreameveryone has a lot of dreams. some people want to be rich, dreaming of becoming millionaires overnight. others want to be famous, dreaming of suddenly jumping to great fame. i have a lot of dreams,too. when i was a



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