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一切都会好起来的英文有以下几种说法1.Eventually everything will be fine2.All will turn out well in the end3.You were going to be all right. 4.Everything is going to be OK.5.Everything will turn out to be fine.扩展资料 fine,英文单词,形容词译为好的,

Everything will be OK!

展开全部 Everything will be fine/ok fine英 [fan] 美 [fan] adj.好的,上等的;纤细的,精致的;健康的;晴朗的 n.罚款;[音乐]终止;晴天;地租 vt.罚款;澄清 adv.很好地;巧妙地一切都会好起来的.1、Everything's going to be just fine. 一切都

一切都会好起来的everything will be ok.

Everything will be fine.若有帮助,望能采纳.

一切都会好起来的 Everything will be all right Everything's gonna be OK!

everything will be ok and everything will past

believe yourself. If you have tried your best, everything will better and better!

翻译如下 我会很努力的,一切都会好起来的I'll make great efforts and everything will be fine重点词汇努力effort; endeavor; make great efforts; try hard; exert oneself一切all; everything; every; the whole shoot; wholeness起来stand up; sit up; get up; get out of bed

everything will be fine!这个也是"一切都会好起来的" 但如果是你那个空应该填 in the final 最终的意思.


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