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新概念英语第一册 自我介绍

新概念英语》(New Concept English)作为一套优秀的英语学习教材,多年来深受中国广大英语学习者的信赖,新概念英语自1997年改版以来,在教学方面增加了大量的情景对话,教学内容更趋向于科学性、实用性.旨在提高学生听、说、读

My Family There is my parents and me in my family.My father's name is Wang Tao,and he is 40 years old.He is a doctor.My mother's name is Li Hong,and she is 38 years old.She is a middle school teacher.I myself is a 1st grade middle school


Good morning,It is really my honor to have this opportunity for this interview; I hope I can make a good performance today. my name is Lixin, you can also call me Sweety.I am 25 years old and I'm from Jiangxi Province. After graduating from Jiangxi

I would like to apply for the post of industrial engineer, which your company offered. I feel that I am the right sort of person for the post because my qualifications and experience are really suitable for the position. I expect to graduate in July from the


路易亚历山大,世界著名的英语教学权威,曾任欧洲现代语言教学委员会理事.他的著作为交际教学法奠定了基础,其中一些如New Concept English(《新概念英语》)和Follow Me(《跟我学》)已经成为经典英语教材.何其莘,现任北京

自我介绍就自己来吧,语法可以讲 不定代词,大概是第一册116课 比较好讲:1.不定代词作主语,谓语用单数 2.不定代词的定语后置 3.由some引导的放肯定句中,any引导的放否定句和疑问句中

dear teachers: good afternoon. My name is ,you can call me ***too. i am from ***primary school in the seventh grade.i am very happy to take part in the 翰林 education New concept English.I'll get right on that

1. Your name 2. Your grade/major 3. Your hometown 3. Your personality 4. Your likes and dislikes


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