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1、谢谢 常用的表达方式是: thanks 和 thank you2、 短语 谢谢你们 thank you ; Thank you for your ; and thank you ; Thank you for your kindness 谢谢收听 thank you for listening ; Thanks listened to ; Thank you to listen to3、例句 谢谢你陪我走回家

Thanks watching!

Thank you 谢谢你 Thanks 谢谢

谢谢 [ thank thanks thank you3种 thank [θk] vt. 感谢 n. 感谢 int. 谢谢 例句 谢谢你能写信跟我分担你的忧虑.Thank you for writing to me about your concern.希望我的回答 对你有所帮助 如有疑问 请在线交谈 祝你:天天开心 心想事成 O(∩_∩)O

thank 如果是谢谢你用thanks或thank you

谢谢英文如何说 1. thank you. 2. thanks. 3. thank you very much.

谢谢英语: thank you 或者 thanks

谢谢 thankthanksthank you3种例句1.谢谢您在工作上给予我的支持和指导.thanks for your support and guidance in this job.2.谢谢你美味可口的晚餐.thank you for your delicious dinner.3.再次谢谢你的热情款待.thank you again for your hospitality希望我的回答 对你有所帮助 如有疑问 请在线交谈 祝你:天天开心 心想事成 o(∩_∩)o

Thank you. 谢谢 Thanks a lot.谢谢 Thank you very much.谢谢 Thanks a million .万分感谢 Thank you all the same .仍然很感谢你 You are so kind .你真是大好人.

thank you 谢谢你 thanks姬迹灌克弑久鬼勋邯魔 谢谢 thanks a lot 太谢谢了 thank you very much 十分感谢


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