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可以这样开头:In my view,it's not a boring task to learn English.According to my experience,if you take effective measures and try to enjoy it,you can be skilled at it eventualy.Here are my methods of learning English

什么类型的,不可能瞎掰吧,说个范围.no zuo no die why you try ,no try no high give me five

Winter vacation is coming,so I make some plan how to spend the vacation.Fristly,I want to play with my old friends and visit some places of interest.Secondly,I will do my homework and read some books.

In my opinion independence is the most important quality for all the college students. Most of the students got the bad habits in senior high school, they used to rely on the teacher's control to study, aside from that many students had high pressure

If I have a lot of money……Different people have differeent dreams.For me,my dream in my spare time ,i can plant some beautiful flowers.I am sure.one day,my dream will

How time flies!My middle school life is coming to an end.I can't forget the happy time 在学校,我在忙我的研究.我对英语很感兴趣,因为我的英语老师,王老师,是亲切和

My Home This is my home. It's a two-floor house. There is a small garden in front of my house. There are many beautiful flowers in the garden. Look, my father is working in the garden. Next to my house, there is a big tree. Near the tree you can see

These days I felt so free. I can do the things that I like. I can get up till the sun has already rose very high in the sky and don't need to worry about being late for school. I can go shopping day after day unless I am tired. I can go to the places where I

Every year, we have Sports Meeting. It is one of the biggest activities for us. Now it is coming soon. Everyone is getting ready for this. Sports Meeting is interesting and exciting. I like it very much. There are many matches. I never joined the matches


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