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翻译如下:我最喜欢的运动是篮球,我不仅仅是一个篮球迷,也是一个很好的选手.my favourite sport is basketball. and i am not only a basketball fanbut also a good player. first of all, this sport can train team spirit. secondly, playing basketball makes people physically and mentally healthy. in the end, playing basketball improves our speed of reaction.共5句.

I like playing basketball. Yao Ming is my favourite sports player. I want to be a player like him. So I often play basketball with my classmates after school. I hope my dream can come true. 我喜欢打篮球.姚明是我最喜欢的篮球运动员.我想要成为像他一样的篮球运动员.所以,我经常在放学后同学们一起打篮球.我希望我能梦想成真.

I like running. Running is the easiest way to exercise. I can run at any time I like. Mum and Dad also like running. They say running help them lose weight. I like running because it can keep me healthy.

I like playing football very much.我非常喜欢踢足球. Football is my favourite sport.足球是我最喜欢的运动.It can make me happy and have a good time.它使我开心并且玩得很愉快.When I come home from school, I play football.当我放学回家时,我就踢足球.I often play football with my classmates.我经常和我的同学踢足球.

taking exercise is good for our health. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. by taking exercise, we can relax our body and mind. at the same time, we can harden our muscle and have a good figure. if we don't take exercise for a long time, we may easily fall sick.

everyone has his own hobbies. someone may like running,somone may like singing,someone may like reading. and i like swimming best. swimming is good for my body.i often swim in the叮浮耻簧侪毫抽桐处昆 swimming pool with my friends.while

My favorite sport is basketball. It is because it is fun, and interesting. I also like swimming. It is because I am interest in swimming.

My favourite sportAmong lots of sports basketball is my favourite .I fall in love with it the first time I touch it.I really enjoy the feeling when you shoot the ball right in the basket,it

I love sports And my favorite sports is football I can play basketball and badminton ,too Running make me healthy Now the worldcup is very hot.

I like sports very much because it is one of the best ways of keeping healthy and it can bring me lots of happiness. I like swimming, playing baketball and badminton. But playing table tennis is my favorite. I often play basketball with my


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