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威尼斯商人-(中英对照) 文章节选 bsp;the states of syracuse and ephesus being at variance,there was a cruel law made at ephesus, ordaining thatif any merehant of syracuse was seen in the city of ephesus he was to be put to death, unless he

Set in the lavish era of 16th century Venice, Shakespeare's most powerful play comes to bear in Michael Radford's THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, which follows the interlocking lives of a captivating assortment of classic Shakespearean characters.

Antonio , a merchant in Venice, borrowed three thousand gold coins from Shylock, a Judaic usurer, to help his friend Bassanio to get married. Shylock seized this chance as a way to retaliate Antonio for stealing his business as he lends others

威尼斯商人》英文简介:maurice, sami, simon, elie and edouard are still unknown actors despite their late thirties. but one day, grinchenberg, the famous american director, comes to paris looking for the lead role in his yiddish adaptation of the

6、Nonetheless, the play raises as many questions about christianity as it does about judaism. the christian are seen as monotone and introverted, bullying those of different races whose custom has made their city a success. antonio knows that

威尼斯商人The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice is one of William Shakespeare's best-known plays, written sometime between 1596 and 1598. Although it is sometimes classified as a comedy ("comedy" had a very different meaning

Venice, 1596. Melancholy Antonio loves the youthful Bassanio, so when Bassanio asks for 3000 ducats, Antonio says yes before knowing it's to sue for the hand of Portia. His capital tied up in merchant ships at sea, Antonio must go to Shylock, a

聪明的鲍西亚和夏洛克经过一翻辩论之后,夏洛克终于放弃了杀安东尼奥.最终还落得一半财产交公,另一半给安东尼奥.可是善良的安东尼奥没有要,而是要求在他临死的时候把财产留给他女儿和女婿.After clever A having had a fierce debate


The Merchant of VeniceIn this play, the Renaissance motifs of masculine freindship and romantic love are portrayed in opposition to the bitter inhumanity of a usurer named

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