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Whenhewasyoung,hewasalwayswillingtohelpsomeoneheknewtofightothers. 祝学习进步,天天快乐!

应该是:He is always volunteer to help people in danger and disaster. 1, 总是:be alwasys(注意:是always不是alway) 2, 自愿去做某事/志愿去做某事:volunteer to do someting 3, 在危难中,用in 4, 危难(危险和困难):danger and disa...

是自愿帮助在危难中的人们 英文翻译_ Is willing to help people in need

He often helps other people.

他很喜欢交朋友并总是乐于帮助他人 英语 He likes to make friends and he is always ready to help others.

帮助别人: 1. given of himself 2. gave of himself 例句与用法: 1. 我始终认为帮助别人是重要的。 I always make a point of giving a hand to others. 2. 只有心胸狭窄的人才不肯帮助别人。 Only somebody with a small mind will have refuse...

Helping others is helping ourselves 如果你对我的答案满意请点选为最佳答案,谢谢

I'm like my father who always volunteers to help people in need

kg是我一个诚实的朋友,他随时准备帮助别人 Kg is an honest friend of mine ,he is ready to help others

However, more and more people think that helping others is not an easy thing.


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