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我叫xxx.家乡是xxx.毕业于xxx. my name is .i come from,and i graduate from 平时喜欢听音乐,但歌唱得不怎么样. my hobby is listening to music,but i can't sing very well. 喜欢玩电脑.虽然我的兴趣范围很广, i like playing computer.

Hi, Good morning/afternoon everyone :My name is ….And I am from It is really a great honor to have this opportunity for an interview. I would like to answer whatever you may raise, and I hope I can make a good performance today .Now let me

Hell everyone. I would like to introduce myself to you .My name is ***,and it was my 23th birthday yesterday.I graduated from *** university just now.My major is english. I can speak english with fluency and accuracy.You know ,english plays an inportant


hello, sir/madam (不用dear 之类的,没人那么说,让对方听起来也别扭,或者根据上午下午简单的说good morning,/good afternoon就可以了.如果面试官的人数多于2人且有男有女,直接说hello, everybody最明快) My name is Yuan Cao (给

你除了英语,还要会唱歌跳舞,我一个同学有经验,他这么跟我说的 幼儿英语教师面试可能会被问到的问题: 你教了几年书? How long have you been teaching? I have been teaching for 有教小学的经验吗? Did you have any experiences

Please allow me to introduce myself in a minute. My name is Han Meimei, graduated from Normal University Department of English majors, has now been speaking Level six level.I am steady, practical work hard, have a strong team spirit, diligent,

hello, everybody. it's really nice to meet all you here. i'd like to introduce myself to you first. my Chinese name is and my english name is You can call me for short. i graduate from XXX normal university in 2008, then i taught senior english in

多说说你的工作经历 最好能有具体事例证明你的能力 在字里行间表达你对工作和对孩子的热爱 基本就搞定了 你条件很好的 能唱回跳 放心吧肯定能成功



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