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1 Shanghai, an international city, is located in the east of China. With its world-famous landmarks such as Jin Mao Building, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Lujiazui financial centre(金融中心), Shanghai has become most travellers' tourist

Shanghai is located in east of China, next to Jiangsu Province. Shanghai is very famous in China and even all over the world. It is the biggest city in China. And it is the commercial center of China, too. People from south and north come to here for

Yuyuan is a typical Chinese garden located in the heart area of downtown Shangahi. It is very hard to find such beautiful garden in current Shanghai because such lower structures take more land to serve less people comparing to the highrise

Shanghai is one of the most beautiful city in the world .It is the financial center and the trade center.People in shanghai is are very friendly and knowledgeable, most of them have a good command of English even the old. I am very glad to be a citizen

Walking along the beach, we can see the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower standing like a giant on the other side of the Huangpu River. It's visited by thousands of people from different parts of the country and the world every day.The Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest city in China in terms of population with over 20 million people in its metropolitan area. Located on China's central eastern coast at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the city is administered as a municipality with province-level

most hate to do housework ,because it made mefeel tired.And I think it is boring to do housework.Then,I also hate to travel with my parents .They always make me feel not freedom .Last not least ,I hate to eat vegetables .I think vegetables tast trouble

The Changes Of My Hometown My hometown is Shanghai , these years Shanghai has changed a lot . For example , the buildings is taller , the roads is wider , there are more trees than before , and the sky is bluer , we can hear birds sing in the

Hi XXX对方的名, How are you? How is everything going? I know you have been planning for a trip to Shanghai and I am so excited for meeting you soon. You can stay at my house for however long you planned to spend in Shanghai. I am going


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