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人们每天睡觉都可以睡的踏实的翻译是:People sleep every day.

工作踏实,做事认真负责的翻译 Work steady and surey, work earnestly and responsible

踏实稳重,有较强的进取心和责任心 Somebody has steady and stable qualities with strong initiative and sense of responsibility.

踏实地 steadfastly 英 ['stedfɑ:stlɪ] 美 ['stedfɑ:stlɪ] adv. 踏实地,不变地;岿然;坚定不渝

व्यावहारिक है की तुलना में खोया

筑梦踏实的境界:以英语表达如下 Thinking about dreams up high in the heaven, then conducting the dreaming imagination at the grounded reality in a daily life.

What do you mean by sticking to the spirit of “being practical and doing things conscientiously"?

热爱生活,积极向上。组织协调能力强,善于 沟通,勤学好问,做事踏实认真,为人忠厚善良。 翻译为英文: Love life, positive. Strong organization and coordination ability, good communication, inquisitive, practical work seriously, goo...

In the world, there are always more talkers than doers,more onlookers than pioneers and more nonsense-speakers than perseverant persons.

“诚实做人,踏实做事”是我为人处世的原则 Honest man, practical work is my principle of life


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