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I am zhangyang, there are three people in my family, father mother and I.My hobby is collecting stamps and playing football, I'm already collected stamps of more than 800 copies, I also every Sunday to play football, watching football games.My father

i am in full support that we train animals to make them capable of helping human beings. as dog has sensitive sniff, we can train dog to sniff out narcotics and let them help the anti-narcotic officers to do their job. these trained dogs can be more

Animals Need Protecting Animals are natural resources that people have wasted all through our history. Animals have been killed for their fur and feathers, for food, for sport, and simply because they were in the way. Thousands of kinds of animals

为你解答.帮助动物就是帮助我们自己.译:To help the animals is to help ourselves.

Hamsters are popular pets.People like them because they are quiet and clean.They are easy to take care of and interesting.Hamsters look nice,they seems friendly and they have short hair.They are cheaper than rabbits or cats,they are small.

保护动物,是我们人人都要做到的,许多人任意去猎杀动物,虽然现在的人都说要保护动物,但是还有很多顽固的人不听,继续猎杀动物,人类拿动物来观赏、卖钱,用兽皮做大衣…… Protect animals, is we all have to do, many people any to

In our country, the number of wild animals is becoming smaller and smaller. Some of them are even dying outThe dangerous methods we human being has taken are as follows: We have been cutting the trees to build houses, so the home of animals

狗的忠诚:Dog on the owner's loyalty, from the emotional foundations of point of view, there are two sources: first, the mother of dependency and trust; second, the group leader of obedience. That is to say, the dog's loyalty to the master, in fact, is a


保护稀有动物(protect rare animals) everyone knows animals are our friends. so we should be friendly to them. but some people kill the rare animals, such as pandas, golden monkeys and so on in order to get money. it will cause these animals to


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