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to see a doctor

You 'd better consult a doctor at once.你最好马上去看医生.来源:dj.iciba.com 2.You want to see a doctor at once.你必须马上去看医生.

请记得去看医生 Please remember to see a doctor

I want to see the doctor .望采纳,谢谢

你好,可翻译为:I advise you to go to see the doctor.满意速速采纳,谢谢合作!

go to see the doctor go to doctor's 望采纳

Yesterday, I felt very tired. When I was in class, I felt sleepy and could not listen to the teacher carefully. And I did not want to eat anything at home. I went to bed early. This morning, I felt dizzy and my head was hot. My mom said I had a fever. She took

to see the doctor建议去下载灵格斯 很强大的辞典软件

看医生翻译成英语是see/consult a doctor.see的英式读法是[si];美式读法是[si].作动词意思有看见;明白;了解;经历;设想.作名词意思有主教教区;主角权限.consult的英式读法是[kn'slt];美式读法是[kn'slt]. 作动词意思有查

You have to see the doctor at 4 to 15.你必须3:45去看医生.此处最好用have to,而不用must.must语气太重.接着要点是3:45.两种方法,一个像上面翻译的,另一个是three forty-five别的是逐字翻译.不懂请问.

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