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Walk away

"I Do (Album Version) 歌手:Paul Brandt 语言:英语 所属专辑:Calm Before The Storm 发行时间:1996-06-11 "


落幕---心微 (无意在百度中搜到的,很有味道) 卸妆女子---涂紫凝 (很赞) 欠你的幸福---陈诗慧 (强烈推荐---一首很冷门的歌,却很耐听很伤感哦) Disguise伪装---Lene marlin 琳恩玛莲 (千金百分百的片尾曲) 空港---戴爱玲 (这歌比听) 谢...

原唱应该是西域男孩的my love



you got this star shining in your eyes takes me away leaves me with no ride no need to go thinking way too far cause i don't like it right here where we are i wanna live in i wanna live in this home with you i wanna give in i w...

unmixed with Spanish blood.

1) Pussy Cat Dolls (或原唱:Jane Child) - Don't Wanna Fall In Love Ain't no personal thing boy but you have got to stay away far, far away from my heart, my heart don't you know what your kiss is doing let me tell it to you fro。


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