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请用invEst sB. with sth. 造句

In his poems everyday reality is invested with a sense of wonder and delight.在他的诗歌里,现实生活被赋予了一种奇妙和快乐的感觉。

一般没有这种用法. 它有两种用法: 1,invest in 于 投入(精力或时间) [口]买进 如; invested much time and energy in getting a good education. 付出许多时间和精力以求得良好的教育 2,invest with 把授于(某人); 使(某物)带有 使笼罩着, 被所包围

an invitation to do: 1.A fringe benefit of advising on buy-outs is the invitation to invest in them. 建议收购的附加利益是对他们进行投资。 2.But being able to spread their risk can also be seen as an invitation to make bad loans...


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