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元代和明代范的大爱人士是相应奢侈品的主要消费者:字画可以挂在墙上,家具可以使用,放上几套景德镇原产的瓷器,丝绸衣物可以全家穿戴,* painting 本来就是指画,但是老外好似有的认为那种书法作品也属于painting,那就翻成“字画“.p.s.: 中文比英文累

我是学翻译的,这样的情况,创意由你,在这里是强调 你.因此不如简单明了地道的直接译成 You Create

取消谷歌金山词霸,在你电脑中的启动项就 可以了. 你点“开始”-输入“msconfig"--点”启动“把”谷歌金山词霸“前面的勾去掉,点确定.

My love flows like a stream flows to a river, sadly there's no where for my love to stay.My feeling flies like falling flowers, sadly there's no one to keep it.

The first time I met you at school, I thought you were cute, then realised I'm in love with you.In the future, I will look after you, when you need a

1.Global warming is the hot topic around the world at this time but, there is also dissention about the evidence being presented to support the argument. The earth is known to go through cycles; although the past has never produced an age of so

The weather is warm yesterday afternoon,I went to choose one-piece with Minzi and Jingbao. I sit on the bus, staring out the window.The breeze blow my silent face,Suddenly,I felt some shake in my own arms .I glanced at the little girl beside me,felt

The difference between Chinese and American campus culture is also refected in treating manner of interpersonal communication and relationship between students. It's specially highlighted in the girls. In American high school, commonly, the

Nowadays there are a lot of unjust phenomenon in the judical practice in China and the reason in the system level is the lack of judical independence. Specifically, procuratorial organ, administrative organ and party committees at all levels all have



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