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The essence will harm person's heart and the blood vessel, the excessive drinking will cause the brain to be at the overexcited or paralysis's condition then causes the neurasthenia and the intelligence drops, to will study has the very tremendous

TV media transmission range is very wide, in TV into the space age is spread. Worldwide, television, advertising communication wherever everywhere. But a particular television or a specific TV or TV advertising, it is relatively narrow scope of

Since I was brokenhearted, on the that period of time in house, I always chat with her,she is one of my net friend, also chatted you,I told her friend whom you are what I

Nancy is my good friend.She is my deskmate,.We are very outgoing. We like to laugh. She is as high as me, but she is thinner than me,.She likes sports,while I like art. Her political, biology, and English is very good,.We help each other.We have similarities and differences,.We are happy together!

Oneself the personality is bright and steady heavy, act towards people sincerity.The ability is diligent, having a stronger organizational skill and beginning ability an

This story tells us that a person must be honest. Telling a lie often results in more lies to cover the original lie. But keeping a honest heart and living an honest life is how you can live without guilt and earn other people's respect.

Today is new year's thirty. The mood is very great, home to many people, my grandma, my brother and sister, uncle aunt. We ate the dinner on New Year's Eve, then make dumplings together, watching the Spring Festival Gala, very happy!On the

Dear Sue teacher The new year is coming, wish you a happy new year, good health. Thank you for 3 years for my education ( this sentence meaning is almost on the line ). In my junior high school life will be more efforts, strive for further improvement. Your students XXX

Touch your face with blooded fingers, saying lonely love again and again.We are all so weak and tenuous in the face of death.I no longer long for the luck of destiny, for that is something too far for me to reach.

To protect your dream,you have to try your best. For those who laugh at you,want to transform you into the ones like them,will lose. I strongly believe that if I have dream in my heart, I will be different and so are you.



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