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This semester hurried over, the new term is coming, and I got much here. First, I made a great progress in Math, and the grades is much higher. Second, under the help of the teacher and classmates, I can foucus on my study than before. Third, the

Deng yaping in her sports career total 132 times won the championship, and four times is an Olympic table tennis championship. She once worked as a Beijing Olympics Olympic village vice minister, she retire from study, had 11 years studying at

Today we enjoyed an Oscar film "Crash", which is a thought-provoking film, movies, using our own need to sort out a number of clues to sketch a panorama of life in Los Angeles. The beginning of the film is a car crash. Time to return to the

我的妈妈是一个护士,工作很努力,经常很晚回家.My mother is a nurse,she always go home very late because she she works so hard.她上个月去了北京,抗击“SARS”(fight against属于解释不用翻译进去),一个月没回

Accompanied by laughter and tears, with a harvest of joy and melancholy sense of loss, and perhaps a faint hint of sadness and sorrow, we bid farewell to the 2009. The bell is ringing in the New Year, when the students of song and laughter in the

It is sure that he will come tomorrow. 他明天是肯定回来的. But it is unsure for many things.但还有很多事情是不太确定的 Where to pick him up?在哪里接他? Do we need to send him back to the place he lives or works?我们需要送他回到他工

This is a true story, in the earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan. Rescue team found her, she was dead. Collapse is being crushed down the house, through a pile of rubble that the gap can see the death of her position, Shuangxiguizhao, the entire

它为我自己和独特一个简单地中断… 我莫名其妙地熟悉您,很伟大感觉是,导致您真正地是秀丽. 当我是迷茫的,您出现,我能未曾感谢足够您.什么您说--我总将记住.可能我某天将记住发生什么,并且什么您说--不管我将是象那时,我真实



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