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曝光 这个词英语怎么说

exposure lithography exposal of the scandal, dig out, unfold, come to truth

slow slicing 又可直译成: língchí, 然后注解为: slow process, the lingering death, death by a thousand cuts

trifle 小事,琐事[C] A mere trifle brought about a quarrel between the brothers. 一点儿小事引起了兄弟间一场争吵。 另外表示事件常用词语有: a. event通常指具有很大影响、意义大的事件或运动会的比赛项目。如: Can you remember the eve...

respectively 我给你举个例子吧 如那两个人分别是John和Brown,这句话可以翻译成That two persons are John and Brown respectively. respectively要用在修饰的词的后面 分别是谁?可以翻译成who are they respectively?

两个都可以用word来表示。。 但是如果lz要区分的话。 字: 就是 the word 词 就是 word。 也可以用词汇这个单词来表示。

amazing: [ ə'meiziŋ ] a. 令人惊异的 例句与用法: 1. It was amazing that he knew nothing about the event. 他对这个事件毫不知情,真让人感到诧异。 2. What an amazing painting! 多么了不起的一幅画啊! 3. We listened to her ...

中国人民 Chinese people 注: people 英 [ˈpi:pl] 美 [ˈpipəl] n. 人民; 人,人类; 居民; vt. 居住于,布满; 使住满人, [例句]Millions of people have lost their homes..

about; on; with regard to; concerning; anenst ;

当然[dāng rán] 词典 certainly; of course; without doubt; as it should be 你当然可以用我的字典了。 You can certainly use my dictionary. 同志有困难当然要帮助。 It goes without saying that we should help a comrade in difficulty. ...

不可思议 unimaginable


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