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值得与不值得,不是你来说的,是我自己觉得的is worth and not worth, not you, is i think of myself


你不值得我哭泣you are not worth my tears.you don't deserve my tears.

You think of happiness, to find; you think it is worth, to wait; you think of happiness, to cherish.

It isn't worth for you to do so for me . 吧~~

Just to do it as long as you think it's worth.

It doesn't deserve you doing so.

不值得 be beneath;bear watching;not worth the candle更多释义>> [网络短语] 不值得 Unworthy;Not worth;The river flows beneath the old bridge 不值得注意的 Unremarkable;unnoteworthy;beneath notice 不值得我这样 Unworthy I am so;Not worth me;I do not deserve

值得:worth不值得:Not worth

You're not worth I pay


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