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今天比昨天冷得多。 it is()()toDAy()it wAs yEstErDAy. 他吃得越

more colder,more fatter, jump higher

1. today..yesterday 2. twenty..20th 3. week

今天比昨天冷, the fatter he gets .it is more cold today than it was yesterday,越胖. 吃的越多the more he eats

colder than

今天比昨天冷的多 Today it is colder than yesterday. 以下都如此

it is colder today than it was yesterday

为你解答.这本书比那本书有趣.This book is (more interesting than) that one.今天比昨天冷得多. It is (much colder) today (than) it was yesterday.这个故事没那个有趣. This story is (not more interesting) than

much colder thannot more interestingbetter and bettermore and more interested in~希望可以帮到你~如果回答对你有所帮助~请及时采纳哦~O(∩_∩)O谢谢

您好,答案是colder. than

Today it's much colder than yesterday.She is getting better and better everyday./Her condition is getting better and better everyday.



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