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jion them

Please let us join them. Let's join their league. How about joining them?

When you join us, you will have many opportunities to make friends with others, who was helped by youself.

我多么希望我能加入他们啊! How I wish I could be a member of their team! How I wish I could join in their team!

In the beginning the didn't agree to let me join the club.

Dear marry 在你的心中我发现你在学习中文中遇到难题 I found that you have some problem in learning chinese in you last letter 作为一名母语是中文,专业也是中文的学生。现在分享一些学习中文的方法给你: my mother language is Chinese....

why don't you join them?


he doesn't bother other students anymore; instead, he often takes part in them to solve problems with them

join them


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