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急急急!!求英语大神翻译句子!!!他的话深深铭刻在我的记忆中。(impress upon )Professor Li delivered a consise speech at the graduation ceremony, and his

求英语大神翻译3个句子,急!1A company(主语) is (系动词)a form of business organisation (表语)which is owned by all those who invest in it(

求英语大神翻译一句话!!!急!!!Do you swear the testimony you are about to give is the truth,the whole truth , and nothing but the truth 你能否发誓

求英语大神帮忙翻译一段话,急!!!在线等!!不要网络上的,百度During Cultural Revolution, the most popular clothes were Sun Yatsen's uniform and uniform, with

急急急!!! 求英语大神帮忙翻译下面这句话Please let us know if there is any carton box inside the wooden packaging, for the goods sent from Europe.

急急急。求英语好的大神帮忙翻译一下。感谢1.尽管缺乏资金,他还是继续他的实验。(to carry on)Though he was short of money, he decided to carry on his experiment

用英语翻译一句英语句子!!急急急啊!跪求大神相助!This new,fancy restaurant has delicious but expensive dishes 。这家新餐厅的菜应该很美味可是很贵。希望对你有帮助

急!急!急!请英语大神帮我翻译一下以下句子。There are 40% of the students want to be a doctor, because they think it can help more people.There are 15% of the

急急急!求英语作文句子翻译回答:It's already a week for entering into high school. You've known many new teachers and classmates including Yixin

求英语大神翻译1段话,直接翻译软件的别进,急急急!!!_百度CryoCell 技术第三操作压强下把其含量从60%以上降到40%,从40%降到14%,从21%降到4%,从13%降到3%。辛苦翻译,望采纳


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