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Kids ,line up time lines quickly,please Would you please tell me what is happening? Hit least the amount of the glass of water(这个不知道) Whose musical instruments are they? Can you find a ball which is bigger?



B D B D C C 第一题, will be having 表示将来进行时,题意为那时候我正在开会,所以为B 第四题,第二空用that,同位语从句 望采纳,祝学习进步

参考答案如下: 5. C 6. B 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. B 11. B 12. C 13. B 14. C 15. B 助你愉快学习!


Bob used my dictionary without asking. My parents did not allow me to have a dog. Kate prepared a math exam until midnight. Why not you send her an email? Could you take him to play football?

1.不急,慢慢来 2.点菜 3.玩电脑游戏 4.乘公交车 5.放弃坏的习惯 6. 犯错 7. 贪婪的访客 8.寻找 9.打折 10.彼此

你好: 根据提示填写单词: 1 desk 2 bed 3 sofa 4 think 5 Their 6 room 7 know 8 come 单选: 1 B 希望对你有帮助!满意请采纳!



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