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get-together happily

Happy reunion

欢聚时刻可以翻译成: the merry gathering moment 终于迎来今天这欢聚时刻 At last we come into this gathering moment

我们在教室欢聚一堂 We have a joyous gathering in the classroom 我们在教室欢聚一堂 We have a joyous gathering in the classroom

cheerful laugh throughout the new spring joyous reunion in happy new year

It is the warm moment for the family gathering on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is the sweet moment of the family gathering.

New year's day, we have a joyous gathering and eating hearty dinner party 元旦那天·我们欢聚一堂·吃顿丰盛的晚宴

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They will have a joyous gathering and painted face to celebrate this special holiday 他们将欢聚一堂并且涂脸来庆祝这个特殊的节日 如果对您有帮助 请采纳 谢谢

Christmas Eve is a heart-warming moment when all family members get together. I think we can get in touch with the society and other people by taking part in school activities. People live quietly and peacefully in the old town...


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