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A:Do you have any interest in sports? (你对运动感兴趣吗?)

M: hi, Dan, what are u doing? D: I am playing wa

《Desperate housewives》这个是某期天天向上的那个老师推荐的,她还读了其中一段,有

Three Little Pigs 三只小猪 Storyteller: There are thre

It is the part of most jobs that requires the most

A: how often are stockholders meetings held? B:

1.在我的世界,你很重要. In my world, you are very importan

我想说= =其实你的题目和我一样啊只是我们是演讲的. 1.There are more stude

用于文章主题句 1.不用说¸… It goes without s

有,正确的是The name of my brother is Jin Long Fei!= My


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