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have the Spring Festival happy new year 由于过年是俗语而 正规语句 应该是春节 所以在英语里 可以用 Spring Festival 代替

Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year.恭贺新禧,万事如意.With very best wishes for your happiness in the New Year.致以最良好的祝福,原你新年快乐幸福.Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a ha...

celebrate the Spring Festival 过年


go home for Chinese New Year 或者 go home for Spring Festival

preserved meat 腊肉 dumpling 饺子 hot pot 火锅 meat bun 肉包子 pring roll 春卷 pancake 煎饼 fried dumpling 煎贴 rice glue ball 元宵 glue pudding 汤圆 millet congee 小米粥 cereal 麦片粥 steamed dumpling 蒸饺 ravioli 馄饨

The Sping Festival is the most important festival in our country. It is a national holiday and people play firecrackers, hang lantern, affix Spring Festival couplets during the festival which means celebration. On Lunar New Yea...

spend the Spring Festival 过春节 例句 One happy thing is I can spend the Spring Festival with my Americanfamily. 有一件非常高兴的事,是我可以和我美国的家庭一起过春节。

Beijing's祭灶 Beijingers have been the custom of the Spring Festival, is very interesting. The so-called Spring Festival is the first Chinese lunar New Year. It heralds a new beginning of the recovery universe, come spring, a y...

有很多种说法呀 1.nobody is there with me in the new year 2..I will celebrate New Year alone 3..I will.celebrate New Year on my own 4.I will spend my new year alone. 过年;过新年.celebrate New Year 。。。。。 希望有一种和你心意


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