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光阴似箭,岁月如梭.转眼,一年即将过去,新的一年即将来临,而我,依旧是个孩子,只不过比以前长健壮了,懂事了,性格比以前稳重了.然而,在生命之中,确留下了岁月的美好回忆. 朦胧的记忆是我幼年的身影,那天真浪漫、无忧

Chinese students celebrate their birthdays in different ways. But the most common way is to have fun by drinking, singing and dancing. On the birthday, one usually receives nice gifts and good wishes from friends and parents. Sometimes, parents

感恩父母给了我们生命,感恩兄妹给了手足真情,感恩老师教给我们知识,感恩同学让童年少年洒满笑声. 走上工作岗位,感恩领导的栽培,感恩同事的扶持.一路走来,虽有坎坷,虽有艰辛,但只要你有一颗感恩的心,风雨过后就是彩虹.

Today is the Lunar New Year January 19, is the birthday of my father, my father has had 44 years of age. 爸爸的头挂着几十条银丝,脸上有一点小皱纹. The father hung the first dozens of silver, his face a little small wrinkles. 别看他已四十

I consider my parents as the most important people in my life.This is not because they re wealthy or famous.Rather,what I value about most is the care and love they show to me.我认为我的父母是我生命中最重要的人.这并不是因为他们有钱或有名的.



英文:Grateful heart, thank you, with my life, I have the courage to be myself. Gratitude, thanks to fate, the flowers as I will cherish. "This song made me understand that there is no sun, no warmth; no water, no life; no parents, no our own; no family

Dear Ming,Sorry for not attending your birthday party yesterday. I was too busy all day. I was taking care of my grand mother yesterday morning and was looking after my sister at home in the afternoon. My sister and I fell asleep when my parents came back at night.Yours,

Dear mom,This is the first time i write a letter to you in English,so i think i should say thanks to you frist.That you give life to me,that you bring me to the world.Sometimes i may make you angry,because i don`t adjust my fault.But i am sure i won`t do



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