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关于比较级的句子:1. you are taller than me.你比我更高大2. your bread is bigger than mine.你的面包比我的大3. A watermelon is much bigger than an apple.西瓜比苹果大得多.4. It is getting cooler and cooler.天气越来越凉爽.5. The wind

朋友,I love you more than your wife应该改为I love you more than your wife does.此处does代指整个句子,即loves you.但是为了不重复,所以用does代替.不会的再问我.

1. Tom is taller than Mike./ I am taller than Kate.2. She is younger than Kate./ She is older than Mike.3. This box is heavier than that one./ That box is lighter than this one.4. This apple is bigger than that one./ That apple is smaller than this one.5. This

1.rabbits are cuter than any other animals on the farm.2.i think tigers are stronger than any other animals.3.i think tom is cleverer than the other two people among the three.4.pigs are lazier than cows.5.the traffic here is much heavier than that uesd to be.

My brother it taller than me.Mary sings better than Jane.John runs faster than Paul.They eat faster than the other.This river is longer than that river.

1) Jane is a little thinner than Mary.(2) Tom is taller than Bob.(3) Jane jumps higher than Lily(4) The weather in Beijing is worse than that in Hangzhou.(5) The old woman's biack dog is bigger than the white one.(6)My sister is older than I am.(7)The

The tree is taller than that one. The apple is bigger than that one. Tom is taller than Jack. The book is more interest than that one. It is hotter than yesterday. He is a fellow as tall as his elder brother. She is five years older than I. It rains less often in

您好:Tomorrow will be better明天会更好.It is getting cooler and cooler.天气越来越凉爽.Our school is becoming more and more beautiful. 我们的学校变得越来越美丽.He doesn't work harder than I.他不如我用功 He is more diligent than clever. 与其说他聪明,倒不如说他勤奋The sooner,the better. 越快越好.Asia is four times as large as Europe.亚洲是欧洲的四倍大.(亚洲比欧洲大三倍)希望对您有所帮助

My hometown is much more beutiful than the past.There are much more trees and flowers along the road.The road is cleaner and wider now.There are more population now.The buildings are higher and higher but we used to live in the houses.There

1 he is taller than jim.2 jim is shorter than him.3 .kate is older than lily.4. lily is younger than kate.5 .english is more interesting than chinese.6. maths is more difficult than chinese.7. she is mor beautiful than her sister.8 .her sister is more outgoing than


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