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比较级的句子举例: This apple is bigger than that one. Toda

His room is bigger than mine. 他的房间比我的房间大。 She i

He is taller than me. I am clever than him.

比较级用于二者的比较,其结构是:含有形容词比较级的主句+从属连词than 引导的从句(从句中常省去意

She is taller than me.

you are taller than me.你比我更高大 your bread is bigge

Lesson One is much easier than Lesson Two.第一课比第二课容

Tim is the tallest in their class Mother is thinn

1. I am older/taller than Lucy. 2. Kate can draw

1. The more I read the book,the more I liked it.


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