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My hobby is lisetening to music.I like listening to music best.Because listening to music makes me relaxed.When I am tired,I will listening some quiet music,that makes me fall asleep very quickly.My like music is the music that has good lyrics.Good

My father loves reading newspaper. My mother likes watching TV. My sister likes playing with toys. My brother likes playing football. I like singing and dancing. 我爸爸喜爱看报纸.我妈妈喜欢看电视我妹妹喜欢玩玩具.我弟弟喜欢踢足球.我喜欢唱歌和跳舞.亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,thanks!

I like reading for three reasons.First of all, books introduce me to a new world, which is by reading about their ideas on science, politics, life and society.我喜爱读书有三个原


My Hobby I have many hobbies.In my spare time,I like listening to some pop music,especially the music played by some pop bands.It can make me relax and let me forget my unhappy moment.If I'm in good mood,I always read some history books,

Different people have different hobbies. I used to ride a bike and read story books. They could give us lots of knowledge. I keep cats and dogs. I thought pets were very friendly and lovely, but now I like listening to music and chatting on the Internet,

I have a pen pal.His name is Tom.He is from England.He is 12.His birthday is on May 15th.He likes playing basketball.He like YaoMing best.He thinks YaoMing is exellent.He is good at math.His favorite color is green.His favorite food is broccoli.So he is very healthy.I like him.We are best friends!

I have many hobbies. For example, I like watching TV . There are many good programs on TV. I also like reading. I can learn l lot of knowledge on books. My favourite hobby is listening to the music. Because music can make me feel relax. What's your hobby?

I like doing sports and reading in my free time. My favorite sport is basketball. I often play basketball with my classmates after school and play with my friends on weekends. I like playing basketball because it can make me strong and health. When I

我喜欢跳舞,玩电脑,因为它们很有趣又可以提高我的知识.不喜欢学英语,因为很难.I like dancing, playing computer, because they are very interesting and can improve my knowledge. Don't like to learn English, because it is very difficult.


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