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2010-6--2011-7 office in Beijing custody of the Pan American Apparel Co., Ltd., is responsible for receiving, sends the material out of storage ERP, financial transfer to the end of the table, stocktaking of the vote and so on.

work experience英 [w:k ikspirins] 美 [wk ksprins] n.工作经验,工作经验强化培训计划双语例句:The value of this work experience should not be underestimated 这种工作经验的重要性不应该被低估.

“实习会计” 用英语:practising accountant实习的经历在写英文简历时是写在Working Experience实习实际就是工作经历

工作经历 work experience;occupational history;business background;employment record;business experience更多释义>> [网络短语]工作经历 Work Experience;business history;occupational history说明工作经历 Stating Your Work Experience主要工作经历 WORKING EXPERIENCE;PROFESSIONAL EXPREIENCE

working experience

工作经历的英文应该是:”work experiences," 但是在英文简历中,工作经历通常用"professional experiences"来表达.

学生工作经历:student's working experience

referee 证明人/见证人 recommender 推荐人 根据你上面的意思,应该是前者referee

Work experience 2000-12-01 ~ 2005-06-01 xxxx Co., Ltd. Ningbo production manager, production vice president, etc. Start doing technician before moving into production management. Participation in the work of the Department to establish a

工作经历work experience; occupational history; work history; business experience望采纳,谢谢!


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