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1、E-mail me to 2、Send me an email to 3、e-mai

给我发电子邮件到… Send me an email 给我发电子邮件到… Send me a

Hi: Yesterday, we have sent you a email about the

Dear Sir/Madam I bought 4 tickets from your Compan

楼上惊现机翻达人这样估计印度客服看不太懂 为了更好的沟通建议全文如下: 用help-cont

楼主,我之前博览会接待外宾帮他们在酒店check-in 过几次,这个或许你可以参考下~ Dear

我很抱歉这么晚给你发邮件! 翻译成英文是:I'm very sorry to send yo

希望你收到邮件后能尽快给我回邮件 (i)Hope you can replied the emai

你可以给我发电子邮件 You can email me 满意请采纳!

我给你发了一封邮件,请注意查收 Please check out the email from m


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