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高手 !!!求助英语翻译

我不不太了解你的专业,所以我翻译的有些词不准请见谅.我只分析第一句话,很简单,主句是There are well established and improving programs of data collection and reporting,对于数据的搜集和报告已经有了被认可的,

1.周末我们俩去农场好吗?(what about)What about going to the farm at the weekend?2.一个好的记者懂得怎样把自己的文章与读者联系起来.(relate.to)A good jounalist knows how to relate its article to the r

1.吸收物2. 吸收端3. 扩散极限变粗

翻译:它是可以接受的…扮演着一个重要的部分…,更重要的是,很多的注意力被吸引到改变的……然而,是否…值得这样的关注,人们的想法不同.举例:It is accepted that(the star that) Plays a significant part for both(in our Social life ), and

To achieve this, teachers need the efforts from the following aspects: 1, update their concepts of education, the changing role of teachers. Rogers and psychologists of the Americans believe that human cognitive activity is always accompanied by a

去掉 before的话 就是no matter what kind of your love or friend is,and no matter what advantages or disdvantages your your lover or friend has ,you should accept him or her .nobody is perfect and you s

有啊.可以这样称呼.dear可以做形容词,也可以做名词啊.作形容词是“贵重的”作名词是“亲爱的”my dear 应该可以用于关系比较亲密的同学之间.

The foreigner carries out to get married register and should hand over: (1st)Oneself of valid passport perhaps other effectively international trip certificate; (Need to be translate)(2nd)The place country notarizes organization to perhaps have a power

Today is a lovely day, and I am in a good mood.I am from country side. There are four people in my family. I have an elder sister, and my parents are humble peasants. Sometimes, I feel others look down on me because my personality is a little bit shy

my friendship is to treat my best friend as my reletives


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