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I really appreciate it I can't thank you enough I'm very thankful 高级的..外国人很直接很感性的,一般都会用很短的一个词表示很极端的感情,比如我很喜欢你就是很简单的I just love you

翻译译文 (1)汤姆,你的鞋子很快锅.现在是上课时间了.(2)穿红衣服的那个女孩是我的朋友凯特.

1. He works very hard. 2. I do not feel so tired. 3. China is a country with a long history. 4. These young people have been dreaming to accept this challenge. 5. The United Nations main task is to protect the peave of world希望帮到你 满意的话 望采纳

1. Students and their parents increasingly fight over who gets to be number one, and the damage that can be doneboth academically and psychologicallyto those who lose the benefits of the glory attached to such titles, according to Dr. Scott

The EU is the world's largest home and exports of goods and services, and the relative tolerance of the EU's external exchanges and technical cooperation for development policy, the developing countries of the world and regional economic

European Union is expanded as both sides' bringing chance  of trade investment After  European Union expands, old and new member states will make up a foreign large market that will unify tariff. However, except that minority Outside

There is such a picture, an old map of the elderly is squatting by the small river, using river water for the face tear-stained face of a small grandson. After reading a myriad of thoughts can not help but little grandson cried, why not the parents to coax,

大概看了下楼主的5个句子,其实比较难,都需要意译,如果直译的话,会让人有种说不出的感觉,不容易懂,我只能尽力而为,望楼主包涵~ 1.当美元的问题一旦变成感觉,炒作行为便会逐渐消失.(不太好意译,这句话前面还有半句,居然从

Please notice, the red part is the fee that CCI company advanced for the customer (invoice refers to the attachment), according to the customer's demand, your company may return the fee to the CCI company's account. 手工翻译,希望帮到你! ps: 1楼的答案 非常的不负责任!


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