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翻译英语: 1,我在报纸上看到你的公司在招聘.2,...

I see your company in the recruitment in the newspaper. My major is international trade. I have been doing part-time jobs for two years.

我在报纸上看到贵公司招聘客服经理的广告 I saw your recruitment ads for customer service manager on newspaper.

Yesterday I saw your company in the newspaper of recruitment information

This hotel is going to advertise their recruitment for waiters on newspaper.

在今天的报纸上我看见了一则广告 I saw an advertisement in today's newspaper.

my name is Li Hua, I saw your company in the recruitment of a summer intern in the newspaper, so write to apply for this opportunity.


I found the advertisement you made on the local newspaper for hiring journalists.

See the recruitment of a company English secretary advertised in the newspaper so I want to go to the company

在报纸上用英语:In newspapers 双解释义n.(名词) 报纸: large pieces of paper with news, advertisements and other things printed on them, that you can buy every day or every week 大张纸,上面印有新闻、广告和其他东西,你可以每天或...


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