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对某人的健康有好处: be good for one's health尽力做某事: try one's best获得好成绩: get great grade紧张的:nervous

对某事感到不安基本翻译perturbget upset网络释义感到不安:get upset | perturb | look upset

对感到紧张:be nervous about 对感到含羞:be shy of

感到紧张英文:feel nervous紧张英文:nervous; keyed up; tense; intense intensity;

1 tonervous2 forHave patience3 for someone4 in a strictly5 forFirst impression STH/doing STH with difficulty38) would do something rather than doing STH.39.The

I feel nervous/stressed when I make reports.I feel nervous/stressed about making reports.nervous指的是焦虑,造成的原因可能是对未知的不确定,胆怯所致.stressed指的是由于压力所致,压力具体原因视具体情况而定.需要咨询英语方面问题,英语文献翻译,找我们 燕郊卓思商务,具体联系方式请私信我.

nervous; keyed-up; edgy; jumpy; on edge一般就用nervous吧!

To him I felt very nervous.希望我的答案能帮到你~~~~~~~~


I feel so nerves when facing something and I find it difficult to study English this semester.Compared with aural comprehension,I do the reading better!

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