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bean curd英 [bi:n kɜ:d] 美 [bin kəd] 例句: I'd like to add some pepper to thebean curd. 我想在豆腐里加一点辣椒粉。 Yes. The next one is bean curd with crab roe. 是的,下一个是蟹黄豆腐。 " Oh , that's bean curd. " 哦, ...

吃豆腐的美式说法是feel somebody up (题外话,英式说法是touch somebody up,更容易理解吧!) 以下是剑桥字典关于feel somebody up的解释: to touch someone sexually,especially someone you do not know,for your...

关于豆腐的英语作文(92字) Smelly Toufu has a long history,it is a kind of extremely unique flavor,ancient and traditional,once taste,it is unable to stop,a taste for fast.In China and all over the world production mode and edi...

bean curd

tofu 这个是纯粹的中式英文 就是直接音译过去的 外国没有豆腐

tofu英音:['təufu:] 用汉语发音是 : 偷副

你好! 豆腐乳 fermented bean curd sufu

豆腐= tofu; bean curd. The English term comes from Japanese tōfu (豆腐), borrowed from the original Chinese equivalent (豆腐 or 豆腐) transcribed tou4-fu3 (Wade-Giles) or dòufu (pinyin), literally "bean" (豆) + "curdled" or "fe...

豆腐脑 [jellied bean curd] 豆浆煮开后,加入石膏而凝结成的半固体


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