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朋友:A: I had a big argument with david yesterday. I hope he's not still mad at me.B: what did you argue about?A: he borrowed some money from me and I needed it back. He said he didn't have the money yet.B: well, he should pay out back. It'

朋友:A:I had a big argument with david yesterday.I hope he's not still mad at me.B:what did you argue about?A:he borrowed some money from me and I needed it back.He

A:Hello,John!What were you doing at Chemistry class earlier?You didn't look at the teacher the whole time!B:I have something cool.Look,this is my new 3G mobile phone.I just

面试经典问答(一):Q: Why would you be particularly good at this business? A: I was a pastry chef, so I understand dessert products well and can help you with new product development. Recent preservatives have come a long way toward

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A:Good morning, B.B:Good morning.How are you?A: I am good. And you?B:Fine.Where are you going?A:I'm going back home to have a nap. I stayed up last nignt.B:You'd better take care of yourself.A:Thanks. Where are you going?B:I am going to

1. Wearing a seat belt saves lives; it reduces your chance of deathorserious injury by more than half.系好安全带能够挽救性命,它能将丧生和重伤的概率减少一半以上.2. But it will be the driver's responsibility to make sure that children

MIKE: Hey Daniel, do you want to see my holiday photos? Beautiful, aren't they? DANIEL: Maybe later? MIKE: Nonsense! I've got loads to show you! Have you ever had a vacation in Hawaii? DANIEL: No. I like to have my vacations in Melbourne,

a: i'm so upset now..b:why? Anything bad happened?a:no,..it's justcollege life is not like what i've pitcured. i con't get used to it. it was so much better in highschool. besides,

A hi,~打招呼 B how are you 之类的话,自己寒暄几句,正文 what is your favorite season?A My favorite season is summer. I love summer. B oh,why do you like it? A because,There is no school.it is summer holiday,B haha ,yes, i like holiday ,too.A


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