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抱歉该光盘延误送到,二是进行商务旅行周. До командировки не получилось, потому что вы забыли указать ваши Имя и Фамилию, а когда я получил сообщение, то был уже в пути 在旅行之前没有工作,因为你忘了写包括您的名字和姓氏,当我收到这些信息的时候,是已经是在路上了



I, I want to live for myself, and live more colorful ~ wait and see!!


especially your children gave me very good impression, they're so cute and knowing a lot of things,and so polite,we have many things in common, ha!


Battle line of project this long, about bank more than 50 kilometers; The project is scattered, though irritated the canal and linked to each other, the main building is relatively far apart, is it assign to construct and management bring great inconvenience , construct cost see a certain increase.

The water shortage had a severe influence on the operation of our mixing machine (7MCC) and considerably slowed down our construction process, which should be converted into a delay of one and a half days. 有两点不太清楚:7MCC是指搅拌机吗?基础受到影响的“基础”是指什么?上面的翻译仅供参考.


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