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价格是否含税应在价格之后注上如下内容: 含税价格: (VATinclusive)(含增值税),“VAT”为“ValueAddedTax”的缩写。 (GSTinclusive)(含商品及服务税),“GST”为“GoodsandServicesTax”的缩写。 不含税价格: (Taxexcluded)(不含税) 有时...

报价 [词典] offer; quote; [经] (开价) quoted price; [例句]他给出了维修费用的报价。 He quoted a price for the repairs.

协议价格 [词典] negotiated prices; agreed-upon prices; [例句]这将为您提供协议价格,从而节约成本,而且还可以提供按照每月运单进行支付的机会。 This offers you negotiated price savings and the opportunity to pay by monthly invoice.

汽车报价 [网络]havel; [例句]他的汽车报价大体上和他的对手相近似。 The price he quoted for the car was essentially the same as that of his competitor.


为了我们能准确报价,请问你能说得详细点吗 英语翻译: In order to quote accurately, can you give me more details?

价格合理: 1.reasonable price; 2.reasonably priced; 3.at a very good price; 4.Exceptional Products at Reasonable Prices 四种说法 希望对你有帮助 望采纳 谢谢

Item Sizes in CM:用厘米表示的货物尺寸 Inner Pack Dimensions in CM:用厘米表示的内包装尺寸 Master Pack Dimensions in CM:用厘米表示的外包装尺寸 Inner Box Pack Qty:内包装盒数量 Case Pack Qty:包装箱数量

This offer/quotation is based on DDP your factory in Shenzhen. VAT is not included.

valid period of the offer 报价有效期


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