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This story tells us that a person must be honest. Telling a lie often results in more lies to cover the original lie. But keeping a honest heart and living an honest life is how you can live without guilt and earn other people's respect.

Since I was brokenhearted, on the that period of time in house, I always chat with her,she is one of my net friend, also chatted you,I told her friend whom you are what I

On 14 Feb, a new kindergarten was set up in Changsha. It provides all courses in English. The buildings looks like a townhouse in which classrooms are like hotels. The school fee is in excess of RMB7000 per month, making it the most expensive

when you have it, you may not think about it , but when you lose you will know what is a heartache. why is it after breaking up , only realise what most valuable? treasure whatever you have now, do not wait until everything are gone, only then to regret and remorse. we are sugar. the sweet sorrow.

Mom, please do not leave me, I really could not bear. If you leave, later you can how do I do? If I can exchange for your stay obedient. . I will be very obedient,

Oneself the personality is bright and steady heavy, act towards people sincerity.The ability is diligent, having a stronger organizational skill and beginning ability an

Schoolmates, today, we make a game, this game both may exercise our agile strength and to be interesting! For instance, I said the nose, everybody is pointing at the nose with own finger, and must be very rapid, if who didn't pay attention hears

In this summer vacation I reviewed The Little Match Girl. "The Little Match Girl," is a fairy tale about a little girl sold matches in the New year eve and was frozen to death in the street which exposes the evils of capitalist society and express the

Sorry, in recent days due to the examination period, I had no time to the Internet, which resulted in a delay of several days back you, sorry. The weather here

Touch your face with blooded fingers, saying lonely love again and again.We are all so weak and tenuous in the face of death.I no longer long for the luck of destiny, for that is something too far for me to reach.



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